The City of Crayis

Human City, Medium-Large population
The city is built directly into the side of the mountain. Originally built as an iron mine, until a large vein of gemstones were found deeper in the mountain.

City is run by King Jarrek III.


  • Northern District – Smith(Weapons and Armor), Trader(Goods), Magical Vendor(Magic Items), Apothecary(Potions)
  • Southern District – Bar, Inn, Stable, Library, Courier(Bird and Land), Mage Guild
  • Eastern District – Barracks, Training Facilities, Temple to <<insert>>
  • Western District – Housing, Court Yard, Entry into Mine, Stairs to Castle Entrance


Stone structure, 3 stories high and partially constructed into the mountain. Stairs lead from the western disctrict and wind a short distance up the mountain to the main entrance.


The mine is a iron and gemstone mine. The Gemstone is much further down into the mine.

The City of Crayis

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