The Halls of the Mountain King

December 7 log


Flee’kith’s letter to his master – First adventure log

Great powerful, fierce and mighty Rathorot! Your humble kobold servant is writing this letter to update progress. As requested, Flee’kith went to the human city of Crayis with the adventuring company. Upon arrival, some magic using humans requested we explore an old ruin to find a mighty hammer of a Dwarven God (a God no doubt weaker than the mighty Rathorot). The humans offered to pay our company 1000 shiny gold pieces to find this hammer, so Flee’kith went with his allies to explore the ruin. The adventuring company consists of Naralas – a Razorclaw shifter and Ranger, Gorsh – a half-orc Barbarian and a Dragonborn fighter named Sylvi. Needless to say the mighty kobold shaman Flee’kith walks fearlessly aside these creatures.

Upon entering the ruin we were attacked by filthy goblins. We underwent a fierce battle – Flee’kith hit several of them with spirit attacks. The Dragonborn Sylvi was relentless, tearing several apart with her mighty greataxe and terrifying another into turning on his allies. The catman Naralas used his archery to dispatch at least a few goblins. Gorsh fought valiantly, taking several hits for his allies – the Gods of luck however frowned on him that day and he was only able to get in a few solid blows against the vile creatures. All were slain quickly, though Flee’kith was hurt slightly in the battle.

After the pathetic things were destroyed we searched their bodies for shiny objects as we patched up our wounds. We located a few javelins that they had been hitting us with and a crossbow, but little else of consequence. The cat then put his ear to the doors in the room to listen for sounds. One of the doors was silent, but catman said he heard clanging coming from the other door. As Flee’kith writes this, we are preparing to decide which door to enter. I’m sure the hammer cannot be far. Flee’kith looks forward to bringing shiny gold pieces back to the mighty Rathorot. Flee’kith will finish his letter later.



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